Lima, embryonic ecosystem with striking growth

Lima is a very young ecosystem that just started tackling start-up issues. New structures witness for the potential of a very entrepreneurial mindset in the country. The ecosystem located in the Peruvian capital city remains very incipient but aims at gaining a strategic position in the Latin American landscape. Following a policy of opening in the early 2000’s, the country’s economy has shown solid results, among the best in the region. Very recently, some actors have interested themselves in the megacity of 8,5 million inhabitants and an ecosystem began growing. Actors such as Wayra or Endeavor provide assistance to entrepreneurs from the earliest stages of development, what they used to struggle finding. Moreover, Lima can count on a highly developped entrepreneurial mindset. One thing is certain in Peru : the population is eager to take risks and individuals to launch their own projects, which witnesses for a high potential. Indeed, this DNA combined with a more recent sensitivity towards start-up scene, such as at UTEC Ventures (start-up incubator from UTEC engineering school), could lead to a more and more coherent ecosystem. The government understood this really quickly and acted with the creation of Startup Perú that provides funds and mentoring each year in 2 batches dedicated to peruvian start-ups. Finally, Lima considers itself in the future as a gateway for startups willing to reach South America, especially thanks to its strategic position and low prices.

Joinnus, digitalisation of event management and ticketing for everyone

Joinnus enables anyone to create an event on its platform with ticketing service. That start-up has raised US$ 500,000 from a leading Peruvian media group. Three years after its creation, the Peruvian start-up that disrupts event management and ticketing, has just raised US$ 500,000 from RPP group, a leading media coroporation in the country. This tremendous growth stands for a great market adjustment regarding the ticketing industry in Peru. The 2 co-founders have bet on an open and simple platform. Thus, anyone can create an event on Joinnus’ website and include the ticketing service. The event can now be shared on social media or any other communication channel, the client will be redirected to Joinnus’ platform in order to access the event and generate tickets, whether the event is payable or free. If the company is nowadays only acting as a reference in Peru, it aims at entering the whole Latin American market within the next years. After having been accelerated at Wayra, having been part of Start-up Peru’s first generation, Joinnus is nowadays working from UTEC Ventures, incubator from UTEC engineering school.

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